Drone Not Drones Unveils 28-Hour Drone Lineup for 2015

Buttons from the last Drone Not Drones event

Buttons from the last Drone Not Drones event

The Twin Cities music community will coalesce with the power of drone for another squalling appeal for a more peaceful, tolerant world in January. Yes, the Drone Not Drones collective has organized another 28-hour drone concert.

Much like the event held earlier this year at the Cedar Cultural Center, Duluth's Low lead a growing roster of acts known for their prowess creating the humming, slowly developing soundscapes as well as a wealth of artists traveling far outside expected genre boundaries.

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Other acts confirmed for the event -- which will be held next year from 6 p.m. on Friday, January 30, at until 11 p.m. on Saturday, January 31 -- include rapper and Marijuana Deathsquads collaborator P.O.S performing a drone set. There's also members of Chicago experimental rockers Tortoise and the Sea and Cake teaming up as Brokeback. Members of Trampled by Turtles and Dead Man Winter are donating their time as the topically titled group Drone Man Winter.

Food Pyramid are also confirmed for a lineup that should eventually stretch out to include a widespread cross-section of artists sympathetic to Doctors Without Borders, the event's beneficiary.

A note from the organizers:


It's happening again.

Hear musicians from across genres and across the state come together to create another uninterrupted 28-hour drone to raise money and awareness for the innocent victims of The War on Terror. To stand against the immoral and illegal drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan.

Spend the night with us. Bring a pillow or blanket to get comfortable. Come before work, come after work, come and go as you please.

Wikipedia says "Drone music is a minimalist musical style that emphasizes the use of sustained or repeated sounds, notes, or tone-clusters - called drones. It is typically characterized by lengthy audio programs with relatively slight harmonic variations throughout each piece compared to other musics."

We don't have the right words to stop "targeted killings" or "collateral damages" or "illegal assassinations." All we can do is drone on and on about it: DRONE NOT DRONES

This all-day, all-night marathon is like virtually nothing else in local music performance. Not only is it one of the loudest, but it is one of the most beautiful. We will add more names and details as performers are announced.

Drone Not Drones: 28-Hour Drone 2015. $20/$30, 6 p.m., Friday, January 30 at Cedar Cultural Center. RSVP. Tickets on sale December 5.


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