Dr. Dre previews new album in Dr Pepper ad

Dr. Dre previews new album in Dr Pepper ad

Dr Pepper-- America's oldest soda pop and newest cultural gadfly. After taunting Axl Rose into embarrassing himself with Chinese Democracy, Dr Pepper might be doing just the same with an aging Dr. Dre, whose production has been on a steady slip slide ever since The Marshall Mathers E.P.

That's the assumption one can draw from the latest in Dr Pepper's bewildering campaign to tie itself to pop culture figures whose current stock is, to say the least, of questionable value and potential. Axl Rose? Gene Simmons? Compared to them, Dr. Dre is a king among peasants. But still-- have you heard his work on Relapse? We're not so sure America's most beloved fizzy prune juice wants its name associated with talent like this.

In any case, the good doctor's obnoxiously churched up Detox, set to drop in 2009, got its first on-the-level tease in the Dr Pepper ad embedded above. By gosh and golly, the few seconds we hear ain't half bad. You know-- for a few seconds of a Dr. Dre song.

It just seems strange that, rather than going after the big easy targets of contemporary pop culture icons, Dr Pepper is mining the old and musty, the over the hill, and the campy. A free can for every American if Chinese Democracy sees daylight? Gene Simmons parodying himself on film?  Let Pepsi chase down Hannah Montana-- Dr Pepper is only interested in celebs of the Ragstock variety.

Well, anyway-- it's at least sign that Dr. Dre's white whale may at last be speared and harvested for its spermaceti.

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