Downtown's Karnak Gallery throwing a Star Wars free-for-all

Downtown's Karnak Gallery throwing a Star Wars free-for-all

Karnak Gallery? More like the Great Pit of Carkoon...Gallery! This Friday the recently-opened, forward-thinking-and-still-fun space is having a blippy blowout with five electronic artists playing to a room hopefully packed with Jawas and Sith (you get $5 off the cover if you cosplay, mind) for another installment of their Videodrome series called, a-doi, STAR WARS. Scheduled to play are DJ Fuckstorm, Claps, Memoire, and special guest Solvent, with 000000000001 and Visionquest bathing the space in video spacewizardry throughout.

Solvent is Jason Amm, who has been putting out minimally pop and heavily analog electronic music under that probably ironic name for around twelve years, coming to town in supporting of his new record Shift to Loss.

Also, since this is an art gallery, there will be art. I really hope to see some lewd Leia/Jabba interpretations. The organizers describe it thusly:

Starkiller's New Hope is a collection of work in a variety of styles derived from a certain 6 part space opera. The artists involved include Joe Lipscomb, Ivy Sendrijas, Charles Denton and Blaine Garrett of Dim Media, Jacob Alexander, Matt Eng, Brian Priefer and Cassie Garner. Expect a wide variety of work ranging from abstract distortions to vivid painterly concept artwork. The exhibit will be up from June 13 until July 7th

June 19th, Karnak gallery (106 N 3rd St, 3rd Floor), 9PM

DJ Fuckstorm
Mechanical Hand for A Quarter Star Wars Christmas Special

video by 000000000001 and Visionquest

Solvent, "Think Like Us"

CLAPS, "Fold"

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