'Double Rainbow' freakout remixed by Gigamesh

First, a bit of backstory: One of the biggest internet memes of the week (aside from His Purpleness declaring the internet "over" and giving everyone online a big LOL) is a video of a man freaking the fuck out about a double rainbow that appeared in front of his house. Shortly after the video went viral, the fine folks behind "Auto-Tune the News" worked their magic and made a song out of the dude's weepy, shrieking awe.

If you haven't seen either of the videos, take a moment to get caught up now. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Never one to miss a good remix opportunity, Twin Cities-based producer Gigamesh has just released his own version of the "Double Rainbow" song, titled "It's So Intense." Gigamesh's take pushes past the meme and turns it into a surprisingly listenable little dance jam. Listen to it here:

Download the mp3 over on Gigamesh's site.

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