Double Bird release, Jagerfest, VFW block party, and more this weekend

Who turned the heat off?! Ha ha, just kidding. It's fall now, totally way officially, and you should embrace it and get used to it and probably party, too. Here's some humble suggestions to get your swerve on this weekend.


Double Bird 7" Release w/ The Arrivals (IL), The Brokedowns (IL), Puppies and Trains
Turf Club
Yes please: Double Bird's straightforward melodipunk has been pressed and prepped by new unlabel Free Labor Union and will be purveyed on the big pool table.
21+. $?. 9PM.

The Goddamn Doo Wop Band, Bombay Sweets (7" release), Zombie Season
Kitty Kat Club
Bombay Sweets will be releasing a 7" this evening of their reverby, attitudinal surf spaghetti, and will be joined by the always impressive Zombie Season and ye olde good times Goddamn Doo Wop Band.
21+. $5. Doors are probably open right now if you like.

Willie Murphy
The Eagles Club
Oh, Willie. The Cities are lucky to have you and your piany to hootenannize otherwise drab and bleak nights. Like tonight.
All-ages. Free. 8PM.

Infinity Productions (Map)
If all the previous suggestions seem a little too "band-y" for you then maybe Bomp! (on the road) will scratch your ass-shake itch. You can save two dollars by RSVP'ing, which you can do here.
18+. $7/$5 w/RSVP. 10PM.


VFW Fall Block Party w/ Rogue Valley, Astronautilus, Me And My Arrow & more
Uptown VFW
Taking place in the VFW's parking lot where I've seen my fair share of drunken middle-agers prepping for a hookup, the Fall Block Party will be host to twelve lovely bands throughout the day and eve.
All-ages outdoors/21+ indoors. Free. 3PM.

Jägerfest 2010 w/ The Parlour Suite, Waxx Maxx, Pink Mink, Phantom Tails & DJ Mark Mallman
Club Jager
Jeeeeeepers the options. Club Jager is known for it's gorgeous patio, the full expression of which will be taking place for Jagerfest 2010. Then, when it's all over, it's really just beginning as the Wants Vs. Needs DJ's take the reins and get yet another infamous dance a-going. (Set times here.)
21+. $7. 5PM.

Menergy Present: Mantasy
Kitty Kat Club
The masters of free-spirited man getdown return! Worth attending if only to check out the completely amazing video setup they're rocking. And great DJs.
21+. $1 before 11PM, $3 after. 10PM.

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