Dosh on Andrew Bird, stories from the road, and grilling in his backyard

Dosh on Andrew Bird, stories from the road, and grilling in his backyard
Photo By Cameron Wittig

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Martin Dosh has been a regular in the music community for many years. He weaves his way in and out of various projects, balancing all of that while being on the road with Andrew Bird pretty consistently since 2005. Now the talented performer is getting set to release his 7" vinyl project, From the House of Caesar/Walt Whitman Barn, at the 7th Street Entry on Friday evening. Caesar is the work of an artist who has put in the time, earned the callouses, worked out the battle, and hit the lows as well as the highs.

Gimme Noise spoke with Dosh before his release show at the Entry for a succinct, to-the-point interview where he shares what it's like touring with Andrew Bird, when we can expect a new full-length Dosh record, and the joys of listening to the Twins on the radio.

Gimme Noise: You just got back from tour with Andrew Bird. How did you come to joining up with him for this tour?

Dosh: I've been playing with Andrew since 2005 -- kind of the best day job ever.

Did you perform "Anoanimal" with him anytime during the tour?

Yes, we brought that one back on this last leg; we hadn't really played it much since 2009.

Any anecdotes from the road that you can share? 

We had a great time, Jeremy Ylvisaker and I brought a bunch of vinyl with us and did quite a few DJ sets after the shows. We barbequed  lot. Patrick Watson opened half the shows, and those guys are so much fun to be around.  Got to meet Mavis Staples when we did a few shows with her, and that was amazing.  Did some recording on our days off, for a new Bird EP that should be out in October -- think it's gonna be called Hands of Glory.

Do you see yourself as a successful touring musician, especially these days when most artists barely break even while on the road?

Playing with Andrew has paid the bills since 2005, so I guess the answer would be yes.
What do you love most about being on the road, and why do you think you were born with this wanderlust?

I just love performing. I love the freedom that I have in Bird's band, and in my own band.  Improvisation is a huge part of my whole deal.
What's the best thing about coming back home to Minneapolis?

Grilling in my back yard and listening to the Twins on the radio.

 Why release on 7"? 

Well, I've wanted to release "Caesar" properly for a while and my friend Ryan, who runs Graveface Records, approached me about being a part of this charity release. A bunch of other bands are a part of this 7 inch series: Mount Eerie, Xiu Xiu, Mike Watt, etc. Here's a link to the webpage, it might help explain:

The charity I chose is one my brother Paul (he's a Poli-Sci prof at Macalester) runs called Building Dignity.

Can you take me inside the song that you chose?

The first side is essentially an outtake from Tommy, my last LP. Some of it was recorded in a barn in Wisconsin. I don't know if i can really explain any of my songs, so I'll leave it at that.  The second side's first half is from a show I developed with puppeteer Bart Buch, and the second is another barn recording.

What inspired it, and why did you choose this particular song for the 7"? 

Couldn't say.

What's next for you on the musical horizon? 

Finish up the next Dosh record and hopefully release it early next year. It's close to done. Also, I'm going to put out an LP of Mike Lewis and me playing live in 2010. That's almost done too; I'm pretty excited for both.

What can we expect at the album release show?  

A whole bunch of new stuff, hopefully!  The Entry is my favorite place to play in the world, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Dosh will release his 7" From the House of Caesar/Walt Whitman Barn at the 7th Street Entry on Friday, August 3, 2012 with Wolflords, Ghostband, Mike 2600.
18+, $8, 8 pm

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