Dosh and Why? improv set at the Clown Lounge tonight

Missed seeing Why? in the Mainroom on Saturday night? Here's a chance to catch them in a much more intimate and introspective setting, jamming with Dosh tonight for an improv set in the Turf Club's Clown Lounge. With Fog's Mark Erickson and Andrew Broder recently joining Why? on tour, chances are they'll be there tonight as well. And to sweeten the pot, the second half of tonight's show will be led by longtime improv scene staple Paul Metzger, who is preparing to release a new album, Uses of Infinity, next month. Metzger will be joined tonight by Fat Kid Wednesdays' Adam Linz and JT Bates.

All the info on tonight's unique show is below.

1st set : Dosh with members of the WHY band. Anticon Records represents hard in the Clown Lounge. If you've never seen WHY and members nows your chance. Highly Recommended!

2nd set : Metzger, Linz, Bates. Banjo trio from Antarctica. Werner Herzog got's nothing on this trio as they play some old timey rags and swingers! Modestly Recommended

The Clown Lounge
21 + and all the booze you want to drink. Dave might even make you a Pink Squirrel?????
10:30 like you mean it!
$5 gets you access to heaven.
See you there.


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