Doomtree's Sims: I don't give two sh*ts about Skrillex

Doomtree's tour stop in New York nearly got uprooted last week when a 106-year-old pipe burst on the street where their performance was supposed to take place. Although their show was two days after the flooding, Bowery Ballroom was still without proper running water on Thursday, and a four-hour mad scramble ensued to find a new stage for the Minneapolis hip-hop collective.

Initially we had planned to discuss the details of getting a show booked in NYC on the day of, but due to the altitude where Sims, P.O.S., Lazerbeak, and the rest of the crew were traveling as they headed towards Canada, cell phone reception was crummy at best. After several tries, Gimme Noise managed to snag Sims for a few minutes, and added a few questions regarding Skrillex's "Bangarang" and the recent Shit Doomtree Fans Say phenomenon.

"At about 1 o'clock we got a call that said the show was cancelled," Sims tells us. "So we activated the team that we've spent 10 years building to see if we could find a new venue." The timing couldn't have been worse, because they were already committed to do a two-hour radio show that afternoon.

They weighed out a ton of options, including trying to throw a DIY warehouse show, but ended up finding space at the Gramercy Theatre, which opened up an additional 150 tickets, as well. Here's how the venue shift turned out, according to Village Voice, and here's what P.O.S. thought of the whole thing once they were situated onstage at the Gramercy:

From Thursday's Gramercy Theatre performance.
From Thursday's Gramercy Theatre performance.

As for the rest of our questions:

Have you been keeping track of Skrillex's "Bangarang" song and the video that just dropped? (Doomtree's "Bangarang" video is here.)

Not really, I'm aware of it. I don't care about dubstep ever, though. I'm happy for his success, but I really don't give two shits about Skrillex.

It would take one additional person to do something based on the movie Hook for it to really be a trend, but why do you think we're getting a renewed interest in the Lost Boys' battle cry now? They even have little kids in the video with bandannas over their mouths in the video.

Here's my explanation. Not that I'm saying we're on that level of importance at all, but just using this as an apparatus to tell you what I'm thinking about, but there's been medical breakthroughs in Saville and Paris at at the same time. The people didn't talk, didn't know each other, whatever. There's some kind of mind-melding between people even if they're super far away from each other and don't know who each other are. I'm going to attribute it to magic. It's the zeitgeist, I don't know.

What did you think about the "Shit Doomtree Fans Say" video that hit the web recently?

Aw yeah. That was funny. That guy was at our show in New York. He broke the water main. He broke it.

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