Doomtree's noir-heavy "Beacon" video debuts

The dark, grimy industrial revolution provides the visual motif for the latest Doomtree video offering from No Kings. Unlike the humor of "Bangarang," the "Beacon" clip is a black-and-white mini-movie filled with steampunk imagery and period clothing draped upon featured rappers Dessa, P.O.S., Cecil Otter, and Sims. Don't worry, Mictlan makes an appearance in some gnarly goggles.

There's a boiler room, cigar-chomping rich dudes, spooky medical equipment, gas masks, and a levitating Dessa within. Gimme some noir!

Here goes! Directed by Bo Hakala (P.O.S., Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Stuck Between Stations), these visuals will forever be attached to the song.

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Plus: Here's a behind-the-scenes shot of a very done-up Dessa being lowered on a rope presumably after some special effects.

And finally, here's a live take filmed at the Current.

Updated: SPIN unveils a behind-the-scenes look at the clip here. Words courtesy of Gimme Noise pal Kory Grow.

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