Doomtree's new track ".38 Airweight" explores mind of subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz

The official push for Doomtree's follow-up to 2011's No Kings is underway with ".38 Airweight." A forboding beat by Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger -- originally called "Cheesy Crusty," they told the Current -- pushes the crew's missives into dark territory as they explore 1980s subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz. The controversial figure shot four young black men who were allegedly trying to mug him, and sparked a national conversation about what role guns should play in our society.

The song's title refers to the model of Smith & Wesson Goetz was carrying, and it's expected to appear on the third official Doomtree album. No title or release date has been announced just yet, but the track is streaming all over the place.

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"We've been in the studio making a ton of songs with a new album in mind and are really pumped about how things are turning out," Lazerbeak writes. "Wanted to drop this leaker track off early while it's still fresh to let people know we're getting back at it."

"I think it's done," P.O.S. says of the new Doomtree album.

In other Doomtree news, Sims is in the process of mastering his new project, Field Notes, out September 2, and Mike Mictlan is recording his next album for release later this year. The next Doomtree show is August 30 at the State Fair's MN Music-On-A-Stick.


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