Doomtree's Mike Mictlan reaches out to the community after diabetic complications

Mike Mictlan. (Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen.)

Mike Mictlan. (Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen.)

Michael Marquez, better known as Mike Mictlan, a founding member of Doomtree, has been walloped with the cost of unexpected diabetic complications, and now the local music community is rallying behind him.

According to the GoFundMe page Marquez set up yesterday, a chronic illness recently landed the Los Angeles-born rapper in the ER, where he learned that his previously undiagnosed and untreated type 1 diabetes had resulted in a severe condition known as DKA, or diabetic ketoacidosis.

After a four-day stay in ICU stabilized Marquez's condition, he returned home safely and began long-term treatment. But like many musicians, Mictlan lacked insurance coverage, and the bills for his emergency care are starting to arrive.

“We are currently waiting on medical assistance and are confident it will help with these mounting medical costs,” Marquez writes on GoFundMe, “but right now all of the extra daily expenses, doctor visits, and medicine far exceed what I can currently afford.”

The response to Marquez's request has been overwhelming. In just 15 hours, donations have already exceeded the $10,000 goal his GoFundMe page set.

City Pages named Mike Mictlan the 10th best Minnesota rapper in 2012, and we've kept close tabs on his career in the years since. If you don't know his stuff, this video will give you a sense of what he can do.