Doomtree's Mike Mictlan debuts SNAXXX! mixtape (Download)

Mike Mictlan performing with Doomtree at the Summit Backyard Bash.
Mike Mictlan performing with Doomtree at the Summit Backyard Bash.
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

Mike Mictlan is a bit of a rascal. He's also H-E-L-L-A F-R-R-E-A-L (pronounced "hella for real") and the "brown Tom Sawyer" if we are to believe his assertions on the newly dropped SNAXXX! mixtape. This is no ordinary hip-hop collection, thanks to the inventive production of 2% Muck, who created 11 of the 15 tracks. Shouts to DJ Rich-Dog, Paper Tiger, and Mike Frey too, but this is a Mucktastic mix.

Anyone who has caught Mictlan performing with Doomtree lately has heard a couple of these tracks already. There's the straight-up unapologetic banger "Creeper Status" and completely gonzo "Spicy Peeñ," which is just as disorienting and satisfying as prime Kool Keith. Imagine swallowing the plate instead of the food on top of it. Or Vegan Snake Venom Facial Moisturizer...

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Just in case it's not apparent what level of lyrical hide-and-seek we're dealing with (a high one), here's a few bars from "Spicy":

I'm locketing glocks/ Pocketing clocks / Latch & a lock key/ Door knocker rack job boss/ Bath salts in my water socks/ Stuffed in my rubber crocs/ Rubber cock tied to my other cock/ Thunder thighs / I'm wearing boots in the summertime/ Will Smith Summertime/ Eating a bag of FOP pork rinds/ like North Philly cops blowing the tops off of black hippies organized...

And it goes and goes.

File this release somewhere in between the keyboard-crushing power of the Marijuana Deathsquads' Tamper. Disable. Destroy., Spyder Baybie Rawdog and 2% Muck's trippy Now That's What I Call Raw Vol. 2: Poornigraphy, and the defiant wordplay oozing out of Prof's Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 tape to get an idea of the level of post-mod rap sophistication at play. Or just turn it up really loud, and let this collection lighten you up considerably.

Among other early standouts: "Flick Tha Bic" has one of 2% Muck's most creative beats -- built out of spastic coughs, bong slurps, and looped clicks from a lighter. We find out that trippin' rhymes with "Scottie Pippen," that a lot of MCAD students get significantly less cool after graduation, and that Lizzo is ready to haul on "Give It to Mikey." Guest spots from P.O.S., Greg Grease, Freez, La Manchita, Z3R0K00L8D, and a ton of amusement and conjecture courtesy of SpyderBaybie Raw Dog.

Doomtree's Mike Mictlan debuts SNAXXX! mixtape (Download)

This is Mictlan's gooey treat for us. Bravo. Download it here, and find out about all about the bonus swag in the SNAXXX PAXXX as well as P.OS.'s upcoming tour dates in support of We Don't Even Live featuring Mictlan as the newly announced opening act(!) here.  

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