Doomtree unveils new project: Wugazi


Two artists (Fugazi & the Wu Tang Clan) near and dear in every way to millions of peoples' hearts and minds, smooshed together by the Cities' most-favoritest cadre of shape shifters?

We'll bite.

[jump] Early details are slim, but we do know: the project is from the hive mind of Doomtree, will fill an album called 13 Chambers, and weaving Fugazi's sombre, piano-anchored "I'm So Tired" with Wu Tang's early keystone "C.R.E.A.M." could have ended very badly in the wrong hands. But Doomtree isn't some culturally appropriative hypesquad. Quick example: watching P.O.S. open for GZA while wearing a t-shirt of the politically radical and way over-the-top punk band Valient Thorr. The gang means it.

Here's what they had to say on their website:

It gives us great joy to unveil the first song off of an homage project that is quite close to all of us here at Doomtree:  WUGAZI (that's Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi in case you were born after the year 2000).  Many more details will be trickling out over the next two weeks, but for now click on the image below and be one of the first to check out the awesome "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me," the first leak off of 13 Chambers.  Perfect for 4th of July BBQ's.

You can keep up at

Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI