Doomtree to start releasing vinyl

Doomtree to start releasing vinyl

As we reported last week, Doomtree's Paper Tiger is preparing a new vinyl-only release (a 7" record called Cloquet), and in her email announcing the release Dessa hinted that more Doomtree albums would be made available on vinyl soon. Well, those details appear to have been finalized, as an announcement came this week that the hip-hop collective will be partnering with a vinyl collective, Suburban Home, to distribute the Doomtree back catalog on LPs.

From the announcement on the Suburban Home site:

CECIL OTTER "False Hopes" CD
DESSA "False Hopes" CD
DOOMTREE "False Hopes" CD
PAPER TIGER "False Hopes" CD
SIMS "False Hopes 14″ CD
SIMS "Lights Out Paris" CD

This is a very exciting day for us at Suburban Home as we are now officially distributing Doomtree Records, the hip hop collective and label featuring P.O.S., Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, and others out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. For me personally, this news brings me full circle. As a youngster, Hip Hop was one of my first loves and throughout Junior High and High School, I would go to my local record store and pick up the latest hip hop record every Tuesday. During college, I found punk rock and kind of abandoned hip hop as I found less and less in common with the themes in commercial hip hop. Working with Doomtree has me excited about hip hop again as they have a strong, positive voice, and if you have ever seen a Doomtree show, the energy is off the charts. All of their CDs are now available in the Vinyl Collective/Suburban Home store and we will soon be shipping copies to distributors all over the world. And those of you curious, we are working with Doomtree to start releasing vinyl. If you are a fan of Indie Hip Hop, Doomtree should be on your radar. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Switchblade Comb for the heads up.

As a bonus, here's a video of members of the Doomtree crew freestyling on Beat96 with host Peter Parker:

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