Doomtree share their holiday memories

Doomtree share their holiday memories

Pick up a copy of this year's Winter Guide issue of City Pages and you'll notice that Doomtree is not only featured on the cover and in an interview about their new album, No Kings, but that they've invaded our entire damn publication. 

Many of our Winter Guide tidbits and listings are available exclusively in the print edition, but we thought it'd be fun to publish some of the crew's winter and holiday memories along with a few other cheesy amazing portraits of the group by Emily Utne. 

For more on the popular Twin Cities rap group, be sure to grab both versions (collectible!) of the Doomtree Winter Guide when they hit stands tomorrow.

Doomtree share their holiday memories

"I was Santa Claus in my family for the first five years of my life," remembers Lazerbeak. "When we would get all the sides of the family together they'd put my dad's shaving cream and cotton balls on my face, and I had the red onesie pajama zip-up thing. So when we opened presents, they knew it was time because I'd come out. 'Merry Christmas!'"

"When I got older I played Santa Claus for my nephews," says Mike Mictlan. "I'd go stomping around on the roof."

Doomtree share their holiday memories

"The one thing about cold weather that I've always liked is drinking hot apple cider, man," says P.O.S. "That, and cocoa--being outside and getting so cold, and then warming up your hands on something that tastes delicious." 

Doomtree share their holiday memories

"My favorite is at the end of the night on Christmas Eve, when someone yells at me: 'You're ruining Christmas!'" laughs Sims. "Happens every year."

Doomtree share their holiday memories

"One year, I got lost on the way to my uncle's house and my brother and I were late, and it was like a bad rap show--like, you're late to load-in! Salad's already served! We're not going to make it to soundcheck and you have to eat with your boots on," Dessa remembers. "My dad had stayed up to wait for us and was like, dude, drive slow, just get here when you get here. Instead of having Christmas dinner he just had a poker game dealt and whiskey in the middle of the table--and it was one of the best Christmases I've ever had." 


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