Doomtree Entry show announcement--P.O.S.' special guests on Wednesday

It's certainly been a real pleasure getting to share all of these Doomtree special guest reveals with all of you fans throughout the week. After the big announcements from Sims, Mike Mictlan, and Dessa earlier in the week, we're still not done yet. Not by a long shot. Today, we've got the lineup for P.O.S.' curated, sold-out evening in the Entry on December 7th. This one is sure to be a spirited, memorable night smack dab in the middle of the Doomtree crew's historic week-long residency at the corner of 7th and First.

P.O.S. (Wednesday, December 7th, 7th St. Entry)

"For my night I picked Marijuana Deathsquads
and Poliça.

All the bands in the night share members, and have played together
in some way or another.

Poliça is a great band. I love Channy's voice. They don't really
sound like anything else. I'm excited to hear them in the Entry.

Deathsquads is my favorite party.

The way we work has informed a lot of what my new record sounds
like, they are the live band I choose when doing P.O.S with a band.
Entry sound.

Ben Ivascu is the hero of the night playing in every band.
His drumming is unreal." -- P.O.S.

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