Doomtree documentary to blow up the Blowout

Photo by Bo Hakala

There's always a place for hometown pride, and Doomtree, our prized hip-hop collective, has certainly won an unconditional spot in many of our hearts. But that kind of pride often comes off as puffery in a band documentary, and can spoil even the richest source material. Thank God, then, that the Doomtree documentary, directed by local filmmakers Brady Kiernan and Bo Hakala, is a work of exhaustive, consummate artistry which gracefully avoids aggrandizing the tireless troupe of MC's and DJ's, and is genuinely bent on giving fans an unbiased look behind the scenes of the annual Doomtree Blowout.

The DVD is loaded with over 2 hours of material, including every music video produced for the 2008 Doomtree crew album, a full-blown concert film of 2006's Blowout, and, most importantly, a making-of documentary which illustrates off-stage what Doomtree has spent the last several years proving on-stage-- that they are among the very hardest working performers, producers and promoters the town has to offer.

The documentary follows Doomtree from ground zero in the weeks before the concert, salvaging material for onstage props and assembling them by hand, crafting the visual show, drafting the posters, and rehearsing in the much beloved Doomtree house of old. Complimented by a grip of interview materials and in-studios on Radio K and the Current, it's an in-depth look into the making of the best annual hip-hop show we have, and Kiernan never lets his camera or his affinity for his subjects interfere with presenting them as they are. However deep your fandom runs, this is a great look into the bleary-eyed, early-morning hours of a crew that we've all grown up with.