Doomtree Day in Minneapolis is Friday, proclaims Mayor Rybak

Doomtree Day in Minneapolis is Friday, proclaims Mayor Rybak
Photo by Emily Utne

The Mayans (or dumb folks from the present, depending on what you believe) predicted our impending doom for just over a week from now, but an impending Doomtree Day is coming even sooner.

In conjunction with the opening night of the Doomtree Blowout 8 at First Avenue,  Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak. has declared that December 14, 2012 is dedicated to the local hip-hop group. The commendation for this week's City Pages cover star P.O.S., Dessa, Cecil Otter, Sims, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger comes following years of "putting Minneapolis on the map" and giving back to the community, the mayor's office says.

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According to Andy Holmaas, director of community outreach in the mayor's office, Rybak will be at First Avenue on Friday to present the proclamation.

This is far from the first time that Rybak has nodded to musicians for a special day in their honor. Suicide Commandoes were honored back in '09, and Trampled by Turtles got their own day earlier this year, and both the Minneapolis mayor and Duluth mayor Don Ness ended up diving into the crowd. 

"With a little luck, we're going to keep him onstage," Holmaas says,
when prodded about his boss' crowd-surfing antics at past events. "We'll
see what he decides to do."

Doomtree Day in Minneapolis is Friday, proclaims Mayor Rybak
Photo by Erik Hess

Can Rybak resist, or is "Bangarang" pulling him in again?

Update: Here's the language of the proclamation.

Whereas; for the last decade, on their own will and rules, Doomtree has dedicated themselves to positively impacting the City of Minneapolis through their art. As a hip hop collective and as individuals, Doomtree has embodied the relentless drive and creativity of the City; and

Whereas, Cecil Otter is a true wordsmith, utilizing each of his lines to precisely depict cinematic stories. As a producer and emcee, Cecil continuously contributes thoughtful and powerful work; and

Whereas, Dessa Darling has proven herself to be an outstanding representative of Minneapolis, empowering and enriching its citizens through her dedication to charity, her involvement in the community, her intellectual acumen, and her powerful lyrical and narrative voice; and

Whereas, Lazerbeak has consistently provided the City of Minneapolis with well produced bangers, educational blog updates on all things Doomtree, hip hop, and life, always standing behind his "Team the Best Team" and the Vikings; and

Whereas, Mike Mictlan has displayed exemplary skills as a friend, emcee, and butcher, never afraid to mix the three. His charisma, delivery, and heart make him an unparalleled force in underground rap; and

Whereas, Paper Tiger's work as a producer, the official live DJ, and chief graphic designer for Doomtree, has continued to positively shape and impact the City of Minneapolis on stage, on record, and in design; and

Whereas, P.O.S. has challenged and inspired his audience and community to live more authentically and used his creative approach to spread into many different corners of the Minneapolis arts community, whether he is speaking to a high school class, screaming at a punk show, or teaching an emerging artist how to write a song; and

Whereas, Sims reminded the free people of Minneapolis, a quintessentially zoo-less city, that, in fact, all zoos are bad time zoos. His compassion and determination brings a charm that is impossible to ignore; and

Whereas, Ander Other, aka Young Baby is the do-it-all man, making sure everything runs smoothly. Providing outstanding DJ skills, an infamous twitter account, and his absolute love for all things Doomtree; and

Whereas, collectively Doomtree's artistic and personal contributions have made the City of Minneapolis a stronger, more inspired, and more vibrant community; and

Whereas, Doomtree Bangarang;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, R.T. RYBAK, Mayor of the City of Minneapolis, do hereby proclaim Friday, December 14th, 2012 as:

The first two nights of the Blowout, including the one Rybak is attending, are sold out, but there are still tickets for Sunday's show.

Expect more information on this as we know more.

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