Doomtree CD Release, reviewed by Amber Schadewald

Doomtree CD Release First Ave Mainroom August 1st Review by Amber Schadewald Photos by Daniel Corrigan

A prime component of the Minneapolis hip-hop scene, the Doomtree crew’s first official album was pretty big news, meaning their release party at First Avenue was all the rage Friday night. At an 18-plus show, underagers got their kicks between sets chomping down ice cream sandwiches, while the legal kids dug deep into the barrel.

Doomtree CD Release, reviewed by Amber Schadewald

It's a hip-hop sing-a-long! More photos in the slideshow by Daniel Corrigan.

At exactly 11 p.m., a small man wearing the nerdiest glasses and high-water pants possible jokingly introduced the group to the stage. One by one the five MCs stormed the catwalk jetting off from the stage, gloating amidst the sea of waving hands. People were going nuts over their favorite members and even a lone crutch could be seen raised above heads from a fan sitting on the ledge. Reflecting the more cooperative style of their new album, the crew performed more collaboratively throughout the show, adding in alternating favorite solo songs from the False Hopes series.

The show was quite similar to the ‘Doomtree Blowouts’ hosted the last two years at the same venue. Dessa can never sing or rap too much and always gets the most hoots and hollers. P.O.S.’s talent is outstanding and he’s able to captivate the entire room with his ill voice. Sims is smooth and great at getting people to chant along to bits like, “get free, get fresh.” Cecil is somewhat awkward but his lyrics make everyone wish they had a pen in hand. Mike Mictlan raps faster than some cheetahs race and makes everyone feel super badass.

Fair to say, most people in the crowd probably hadn’t had a chance to pick up a copy of the album released only four days prior, meaning the songs weren’t quite familiar enough. The crowd sang along best they could, but really enjoyed hearing old favorites with new twists. Dessa performed “Sadie Hawkins,” allowing the boys in the group to sing backup. People surrounding the stage seemed to eat up Dessa’s piercing stares and I even caught a couple of guys mouthing the sweet hooks to her songs.

The MCs of Doomtree put on a great performance, hustling the audience like a pack of wolves on the hunt, chasing the adoring eyes with snarling beats and roaring raps. The 25 song set had great energy throughout. Treats like Mictlan rapping from within the crowd, guest acts like I Self Devine and MC Crescent Moon and an acoustic duet between Mictlan and Dessa, kept everyone’s attention at point until half past midnight. -- Amber Schadewald

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