Doomtree at Soundset: We're State Fair as f**k


Sunday’s Soundset was bigger than ever. In addition to all the great performances throughout the day (check out City Pages' coverage here), we were lucky enough to sit down (well, stand up, really) in the press tent with some members of Twin Cities' own Doomtree to get their thoughts on the State Fair, Soundset, and any new projects they have in the works.

City Pages: I’ve seen Stef (POS), Dessa, and Doomtree at the State Fair grandstand here. On a scale of 1 – 10, how “State Fair” is Doomtree?

Paper Tiger: How “State Fair” is Doomtree? [Mike laughs]

CP: 1 being not at all, and 10 being off the charts. It’s a deep question, but it’s also stupid.

Mike Mictlan: I’d put us at 9. We’re pretty State Fair. We’re pretty Minnesotan.

POS: If you’re talking the Minnesota State Fair, you’re going to see the deepest of the country folk right up to the gutter punks and their dogs. Everybody makes an appearance. As Minnesotans, we are State Fair as fuck.

PT: You’re not asking how Doomtree is the State Fair?

CP: No, I’m asking how State Fair is Doomtree?

PT: That’s a horse of a different color. Every year, they get a little more experimental with the food.

MM: Doomtree has to control its diet at times as we get older.

CP: Is Doomtree best served on a stick, in a bucket, or on a paper plate?

MM: I’m going to go with a bucket.

CP: Like the cookies?

PT: Oh yeah.

MM: There’s seven of us. We wouldn’t fit on a stick.

CP: Are the any State Fair favorites for you guys? Foods? Events?

MM: Me and my daughter like pickles. I always have to get The Big Pickle.

PT: I’ll try whatever the new thing is. Whatever they fry up.

MM: He’s into the new shit.

CP: Is there a dream grandstand lineup that you would like to be a part of?

PT: That’s like asking what your favorite band is.

MM: Us and hologram Prince.

PT: If it is a dream lineup, then real Prince.

CP: Goofy State Fair questions aside, [POS’s newest single] “Sleepdrone/Sleeperposition” is a very serious song. How does that fit into this whole Soundset State Fairgrounds festival atmosphere?

POS: This isn’t the place to play that song. It doesn’t go into a Doomtree set because there are seven of us, five MCs, and we have an hour. We have to be doing a different kind of show to make room for a song like that. It’s not like we aren’t personal in our Doomtree songs, or other solo ones, but that one requires a different kind of show, a lot of space. At a crew show, we try to give everyone the proper amount of time.

CP: Any new albums for any or all of the crew?

PT: So many new albums.

POS: As of right now, I’ve got a million songs, so I’ve got what could be an album a couple times over. I don’t know that it has the kind of feel that I want. Right now, I am having a good time putting out songs, I’ve got a bunch of those, maybe a DVD…

CP: How about a Doomtree album?

MM: Yeah, I think we are going to do some internet singles first. We’ve never done that before.

PT: Unless we say something, assume we are always working on multiple albums, full-time.

CW: Who are you most excited to see at Soundset today?

MM: Shit. Who’s playing? I just saw Danny Brown.

POS: Danny Brown and Lizzo.

PT: Not Common. I’d like to see A$AP Rocky.

CP: What are some pros and cons of festival shows?

MM: Ooo, so many cons. The pro is, as an artist, I don’t have to be out there if I don’t want to be. The con is being out there when you have to be.

PT: I think it is cool as a spectator that at any second of the day from beginning to end you could find someone that you’re going to be compelled by. That’s all right.

CP: Any surprises to be on the lookout for at the Doomtree set?

PT: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. We are playing a brand new song, though.

There you have it. Soundset served in a bucket at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on a Sunday afternoon. Doomtree then closed out the Fifth Element Stage like a conquering army.