Doomtree announces Blowout 5


How much badder and deffer can it get?

That's the working hypothesis of Doomtree when it comes to their annual Blowout. Hard to believe it's already been five years--and three straight at the First Avenue Main Room. And each year has found the local hip-hop crew breaking their own high scores in terms of production, hype, and all-out entertainment.

"Game Over." Grown locally, natch.

And yesterday, on the Doomtree Myspace page, the announcement was made: surprise surprise, Doomtree isn't cashing it in, but planning another Blowout in the Big Black Box on First and Seventh.

What we don't know: Who they might have in support. How much it'll cost. Exactly how many tiers the stage will have. What sort of high flying stunts they'll execute to the delight of the capacity crowd.

What we do know: It's on December 5. It's Doomtree. And it will rule. And it will be your annual chance to feel proud of being in a city that produced art like this. Set aside some scratch now, and leave yourself time to wait in line. This one is sure to be a doozie.

As per usual, keep your eyes on us. When we get the info, so will you.