Don't forget to listen to the Replacements' "Election Day"

Don't forget to listen to the Replacements' "Election Day"

The Twin Cities music community is filled with partisanship. Just think about how many arguments exist when it comes to the pressing issues like Mumford vs. Dawes, the Current's David Campbell bearded vs. clean-shaven, and Hot Cheetos vs. Takis. These things matter!

While we heard a lot over the weekend regarding the importance of voting and how to vote regarding a certain marriage amendment from Madonna, this is not the only perspective on the issue. The Replacements released a strident statement exploring another point of view called "Election Day" back in '87, which originally appeared on "The Ledge" single and later arrived as a bonus track on the Pleased to Meet Me reissue. This might be exactly how you feel.

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You can hear why this bluesy stomp didn't end up featured on the bustling album. It's nowhere close to the sophistication of "Can't Hardly Wait" or "Skyway." Though "I don't care who gets elected" would've certainly matched the rancor rippling through the ranks ahead of the '88 Bush-Dukakis race.


I meant to close the polls
In the chill night, bitter cold
Someone close the polls
On a chill night in the cold

Election day
Now I cannot stay

I don't care who gets elected
I don't care who gets to find out
I don't care who gets elected
Til I find me one to love


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