Don Williams, Crystal Gayle to play this weekend


For my 30th birthday weekend, I plan to do what any 60-year-old worth their weight in mashed potatoes would do. While my friends attend underground shows and record store appearances with the rest of the children of the baby boom and beyond, I will be squirming in my seat with excitement over seeing two of the biggest country stars of the '70s and '80s, at a casino and all-girls Catholic school, respectively.


Cue my mother: "I remember hiding your Dead Kennedys shirt from you when you were a teenager. You hated country, what's gotten into you?"

Really, she did hide my Dead Kennedys shirt from me once. The "Give Me Convenience" one. She'll deny it. What she doesn't know is that I was too young to be listening to the Dead Kennedys, even. Their time was long-gone, and I was ten years behind sporting their shirts and buttons in small town South Dakota. I was a poseur then for liking them, and an even bigger poseur now perhaps for being so into Don Williams and Crystal Gayle, both stars before my time. (Don Williams plays the Medina on Thursday, Black Bear Casino on Friday, and Crystal Gayle appears at the O'Shaugnessy on Saturday).

Well for the record, I liked Crystal Gayle way back when. (Disclaimer: because she had such pretty, long hair and sparkly blue eyeshadow!) And Don Williams? Okay, hadn't heard of him.

I'll distract you now from my inadequacies as a child of the 80s, too young to have truly experienced both the best of punk and the best of country, with one of Don Williams' best songs. It will be in your head for days, and you'll forgive me my posing because it's that great.