Dolly Parton coming to Mystic Lake, tickets on sale tomorrow

What do Dolly Parton and ABC's 1990 primetime lineup have in common? [jump]

They both have Twin Peaks.

This was a joke I learned when I was nine years old, vacationing in Billings, Montana. The city had a phone number posted in their phone book you could call every day to hear a different joke. It reminds me of a simpler time, when people fixated on and joked about Dolly Parton's impressive breast size. Remember those days?

Today, share that joke with someone, in the hopes it will make us forget about Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood, even if for just one day. And tomorrow, don't forget to jump in (on)line to grab a pair of tickets to Dolly Parton's Wednesday, 7/27 performance at Mystic Lake Casino (tickets onsale 4/1).

Oh, and here are a couple more.

What do you get when you put Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Dolly Parton in the same room? Two boobs and a country singer.

Why does Dolly Parton have such small feet? Everything grows smaller in the shade.

What do you call Dolly Parton doing the backstroke? Islands in the Stream.