Dog golems, astronaut dreams, and Saturday morning cartoons in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

The age old battle between human and magical dog creature continues.

The age old battle between human and magical dog creature continues. YouTube

Voting for Picked to Click opened this week.

People put varying amounts of stock into City Pages’ annual Rookie of the Year competition, but if you’re into fantasy football, you understand how much fun it can be.

P2C doesn’t guarantee a record deal. Shit, it probably won’t even earn you a headlining gig at First Ave. But that’s not the point, really. Competition can be fun, and pitting the newest, more enticing acts in the local scene against each other is a great way to inject some levity into the come-up.

Keep that in mind when you’re filling out your ballot. It doesn’t have to be gospel. You can settle for a what looks good on that week’s lineup.

The Von Tramps – “My Mom Told Me Life Would Suck (But Not This Much)” (PREMIERE)

In 2018, punk love might not be enough, but The Von Tramps are hoping it’ll be enough to get them by for a while. And their new song/video “My Mom Told Me Life Would Suck (But Not This Much)” hopes for so much more. Paul von Stoetzel of Killing Joke Films directs the action as a pantsuited woman tries to understand her spike-headed son. Though the two seem world apart, they ultimately come to the understanding that they each have to cope in their own way. The song comes from The Von Tramps’ latest album, The Future Is Female.

OKnice – “Back to Good”

On September 27, OKnice will release his new record I’m Here but I’m Not, but until then, the Minneapolis rapper is holed up in his apartment distracting himself with cartoons. “Bak to Good” finds OKnice at home trying to deal with the violence, racism, and income inequality at work in his world. He’s ultimately unable to find any peace in his television or alcohol, and so he turns to his art, which serves as the only savior. Kevin Vogel of Aim North Photography directs the discontent.

Silt – “Rats on Smog”

A little bit of alchemy goes a long way. For Minneapolis garage rock band Silt, it means turning a carving of a spaniel into a drummer. As we see in their new video for “Rats on Smog,” the dark science pays off, as the band is rewarded with a Wilfred-looking percussionist who keeps apace with their thrashing, though that success is ultimately short term. Director Lita Peach’s vision is ultimately one of doom, and the protagonists learn the hard way not to manipulate nature for their own hardcore gains.

Sender’s Dream – “The Go Ahead”

Wanna be an astronaut? Well, no one is going to green light your mission to the stars, so you’d better get going yourself. That’s what songwriter Dan Hylton and producer Pat Gibbons, collectively known as Sender’s Dream , are encouraging with their debut single “The Go Ahead.” If you like this jaunty message of self-determinism and astral exploration, you’ll have to enjoy it in the form of Waqar Afzal’s animation, because Sender’s Dream does not perform live.

Gabe Barnett and Them Rounders – “Rental Agreement”

Gabe Barnett and Them Rounders aren’t debuting an album or a single in their new video “Rental Agreement”; they’re debuting their new drummer, Kyle Berman. To illustrate exactly what Berman brings to the band, they decided to release a video of their live performance of “Rental Agreement” at the 331 Club. It’s a chaotic, cacophonous recording, full of eager anti-capitalist energy. Berman is ready to freak out the landlords with Barnett and the rest of his reavers.

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