DMX drops anti-gay slurs at Zombie Pub Crawl, fails to explain them away

DMX drops anti-gay slurs at Zombie Pub Crawl, fails to explain them away
From Middle Western's video of DMX at Zombie Pub Crawl 2012.

DMX's appearance at Zombie Pub Crawl was actually exactly what any person who has followed his erratic career should expect. He was late, he was ridiculous, and the still-gifted rapper said some pretty hateful things better kept to himself. This moment will not be added to our favorite things about him.

According to the introduction given, a four-hour flight delay was the reason for his start time nearly two hours after he was scheduled to perform at Midway Stadium in St. Paul. This was supposed to be in front of a record-sized crowd of drunk zombies, but by then many of the undead had headed elsewhere to drink their Brain Belt beer.

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And perhaps for the best. When he finally got onstage -- for a performance that could only last a little more than ten minutes before they cut his mic because of curfew -- he was mouthing off by his second song. "I'm gonna get out in this crowd and beat the shit out of this faggot," he yelled in the middle of "Ruff Ryder's Anthem"

Here's his entire performance, which included him dumping some cognac into the crowd:

After the show, Middle Western caught up with him as he was meeting with fans, and a woman confronted him about him saying the f-word. His response: "Half my fucking family's faggots -- I mean gay... I don't judge. My aunts are dykes... Understand what the word is before you judge me." And then, unfazed, he made this rather funny observation about a zombie who came up for a photo-op right after, with mock surprise: "You're dead."

In any case, given DMX's long history with legal, drug, animal cruelty, and mental problems, and several stints inside the correctional doghouse, this unfiltered guy should still be kept on a very short leash. He has the ability to create unintended comedy when faced with the complicated problems associated with Googling himself, and he's still got the raspy bark that got him far in his rap career in the late-'90s. Ultimately, he's not up to the task of interacting properly with the people he supposedly doesn't judge.

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