DJ Vaski talks dubstep, new album and Friday's show at Studio B

Vaski doin' his thing
Vaski doin' his thing

DJ Vaski is Minnesota's own slice of the dubstep phenomena. Just 21 years old and from Savage, Minn., Alex Brouwer traveled the world over the last several years as a budding producer before most kids even think about finishing college. In short, Vaski's doing big things -- and he's about to catch us up via a homecoming set on Friday after a year-long hiatus from the Twin Cities club circuit.

The event takes place in what could be considered a new venue for Minneapolis: Studio B inside the Skyway Theatre on Hennepin. This week, Vaski took time out to give us the lowdown on the space, where he thinks dubstep is going, and his unreleased new album. He also passed us a fantastic remix of that unstoppable Foster The People song, "Pumped Up Kicks",  and it's here for you to download for free.  

Why have you waited so long to play in your hometown again?

I was waiting for the right time and the right show. I turned down a lot of offers, I wanted to make sure when I played here again it would be really special.

What's the word on this new space opening called 'Studio B'? Is it inside the Skyway Theater?

Photo by Stoked
Photo by Stoked

It is on the same floor as the theatre, but it its own area. This will be the very first show here. I was just in there the other day and they were finishing painting a few things. The new room is really cool because its got a more intimate feel to it. It fits about two thirds the amount of people as the theatre, and the ceiling is lower. The only thing I don't like about the theatre is that even when its a sold out show, it still doesn't completely feel packed. I think this is due to the massive height of the ceiling and how wide the room is. This new room will be much different. There is still plenty of headroom, but I know you will be able to feel the energy of the crowd a lot more in a room thats made for performances instead of movies.

What do you tell people about Minneapolis when you're out on gigs elsewhere?

I tell them about the Mall of America, and the fact that even though we are in the middle of the country, we have some of the best aquatic leisure around. Beaches, boats, everything except sharks. Summer in Minneapolis is a fun time.

How has dubstep changed for the better (and/or for the worse) in recent months?

It's becoming more and more commercialized. Some people find this to be a bad thing, but I think it's good. It pushes everyone to work harder. Because of the internet, I am able to do what I do. At the same time, anyone is able to do what I do. There are so many random producers popping up all over the world that just keep pushing he scene, and it forces everyone to step up their game constantly to stay running. This music is progressing really fast. It's very interesting to be involved and watch it all happen.

What's on the horizon for you production/album wise? What can fans expect from you coming up?

I am in negotiations with multiple labels about my album. I have a lot of new music on the horizon, and I will be playing all of it on Friday :)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Vaski's remix of Foster The People's 'Pumped Up Kicks':

DJ Vaski talks dubstep, new album and Friday's show at Studio B

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