DJ Q&A: Mike G. talks new local label 'Timefog'

It's hard to explain the local techno scene without dipping into metaphors. They're like the close-knit nerds at the middle school lunch table who have all grown up to realize they don't actually want anything to do with what's "cool." They'd rather define "cool" between them (and while we're on the subject of defining, the "techno" they like is not the stuff you hear in Dance Dance Revolution or at Abercrombie, but is rather understated and musical).

One of the scene's most trendsetting is a twenty-something producer/promoter/DJ called Mike G. (Mike Gervais), one of the community's youngest contributors when the rave scene tapered off in the early 00s. Now he's found himself at the center of it all and has even become a father since that time. Most recently, though, Mike has become a record label entrepreneur, determined to keep Minneapolis a paramount stop on the minimal techno map with "Timefog."

Gimme Noise: First, the question we always ask - what are your current projects and what are you excited about now?  

Mike G: It's hard to pick an individual project that's exciting me the most, so I'll just clump them all together and call it Timefog. Timefog started through the experiences some of my closest friends and I had through the summer last year. Hearing amazing music, seeing great performances, watching the sun rise, early morning beach outings, and a lot of unique memories that I'll never forget. I approached them to collaborate on a platform to drive that inspiration into.

The beginnings of this project have become a record label focusing on local talent connected with international remix artists, a weekly bar night (Animal Control) at Nick and Eddie a weekly artist gathering and workshop, a schedule for bi-monthly electronic music events, and bringing an extended group of friends even closer to each other through the work it takes to coordinate it all. This stuff has required a lot of help and we're amazed by the gonzo people have been bringing to the table. It's really what's making these things come together.

GN: What does the name mean?

MG: Getting lost through amazing experiences with music and friends.

GN: Is there ever a day you wake up and you do not want to hear techno beats? 

MG: The only time I don't want to hear driving techno is when I'm trying to relax vacation style. Even then I'll still pull the really deep, laid back electronic music. Stuff like ... Basic Channel, Rhythm and Sound, Dub Tractor, Deepchord, etc...Is that techno? I guess it's up to you. 
GN: What is the biggest lesson you've learned as Mike G the artist over the last 10 years? 

MG: Working with others is more rewarding that powering through things by yourself. 
GN. How does one "keep techno sexy," as some of your bumper stickers all over the city say? 

MG: Come to Timefog events and see.