DJ Q&A: Jay Strangelove on his residencies, groupies, hair (FREE MIX)

Jay "Strangelove" Tappe has been a near-permanent fixture in the local dance music scene since starting out with Minneapolis ex-patriate DJ Echo back in the late 90s with Down To Earth Productions. Since that time, he's thrown countless events featuring himself, locals, and many of the world's best house and electro prodcuers, and spun sets that, back to back, would probably fill five years time. A man with many residencies and the best "club" hair on the scene, Jay took 5 to answer 5 with Gimme Noise. 

GN: Name your current residencies and tell me something unique about each one. 

STRANGELOVE: Monday Nights @ Barrio - The only place in the city with 106 tequilas on the shelf. Monday Night makes your Tuesday horrible. You have so much fun drinking tequila and listening to the best electronic DJs that you don't want to stop. Then, you go home and try to wake up the next day, which isn't going to happen because you feel like you want to die. Sick day!
Girl Power Happy Hour - every Friday afternoon @ The Chambers - It's a little boutique hotel, that makes you feel like you're in London, or somewhere abroad. The atmosphere is one of a kind, the artwork will suck you in, and The Chambers has the best patio with an amazing fire feature. It is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Get Banged Saturdays @ Envy - It's the only place in Minneapolis, where you know it's going to be loud, and you WILL feel the music. It's a small and dark venue, just the way I like it. I try to play different each week, by trying different styles of house. Whether it be classics, electro, ghetto, acid, re-makes, remixes, or a track that I may have produced, I always try to keep it fresh. 

Communion Sundays @ The Solera Rooftop - The thing I love about Solera on Sunday afternoon, is that everyone in the electronic community supports it. This is the day that everyone comes together and puts aside their musical differences. Minneapolis is cool like that. All about the music. If there is one thing that I really look forward to all week, this is it. 

GN: Yes! Communion is an amazing weekly to put on your summer to-do list. Speaking of summer and babes, do you have groupies? 

STRANGELOVE: I may have, but I really don't pay attention. I just play music, and thank the people that come out to support what I do. 

GN: Nice Miss America answer there, Jay. Tell us a secret. 

STRANGELOVE: I love to watch the NBC's The Biggest Loser. It's really amazing the change that happens to these people's lives. It's pretty inspiring. It makes me want to never give up, and keep pushing to better myself. 

GN: You've thrown a lot of events in the TC since 1998. What was your favorite and why? 

STRANGELOVE: That's a really hard question. If I had to pick one, it would be Mondays @ MPLS Cafe back in the early 00's. There was no place like it. The walls would pulsate with the vibe that was created in there every Monday night. It had tons of strippers, coke dealers, people doing ecstacy, people still partying from the weekend, industry people, and everyone else in between - it was nuts. Jezus Juice and I had something that no one ever thought would happen on a Monday Night. The best thing about it was, that no matter who you were, everyone treated you with respect and love. That was one of the greatest times in my life. 

GN: Last question: How do you get your hair like that? 

STRANGELOVE: I use hair glue, and freeze spray by Got 2 B. It's the only thing that will keep your hair the way you want it, especially, through rain, sleet, snow, and hurricanes.