DJ Q&A: David Guetta on One Love, auto-tune, and his accident in Brazil

You either love or loathe David Guetta, called the Number One House DJ in the world by whatever music god of the moment makes up those titles. His over-polished vocal pop house might not be your typical soul-filled San Francisco- or Chicago-style brand that seems to satisfy the genre's remaining purists, but one thing is for sure: It makes club-goers $#$%# dance. We caught up with the fancy Frenchman before tonight's big pre-Thanksgiving gala at Spin, and just after falling off a stage in Brazil. Here's what he had to to say.

We heard you had a bit of an accident in Brazil a week ago and you hurt your ankle. Were you just rocking extra hard? What happened?

David Guetta: I fell from the stage! It was very dark and the guy from security gave me a sign that I could go off stage, that the show was over. But he didn't mention that there was a big space from the stage to the ground. I thought there would be stairs, you know? I assumed. There was no stairs.

Yikes! Are you all right then?

I'm better now. I couldn't walk for a few days but now I'm good.

Glad to hear. How do you describe your new album One Love?

I've got some incredible people on the album -- Kelly Rowland, Kid Cudi, Akon... it really gets that balance between [being] a bit melancholy and a something that is a bit happy and hopeful.

Your tracks are great to dance to but at the same time rely heavily on vocals. What do you look for in a vocalist?

What makes you dance is the music but it's emotion that really moves you! I want to add emotion and the main weapon for that is a voice. So that's what I'm looking for in a singer - it's emotion.

Photo courtesy of EMI

Photo courtesy of EMI

Your track "Sexy Bitch" with Akon is very catchy why did you use auto-tune at a time when music is over-saturated with it?

Absolutely not. What is really funny is that this song -- "The Death of Auto-tune" - is where this idea is coming from, and the idea was given to Jay Z by Kanye West [whose most recent album is nearly all auto-tune]! So you know, it's just a bit ironic. Everything is concepts. One day it's trendy to put reverb on the bass, one day it's not. One day it's about auto-tune, one day it's not. A lot of dance music is very much about producer tricks.

What keeps you inspired from night to night?

What inspires me most is to be a DJ. I play a lot of gigs -- like 150 to 250 gigs a year around the world. I play a lot in clubs and festivals. This is my inspiration. When we play in the clubs, it's always like one year ahead of what's going to be pop. My inspiration comes from the undergound, but the difference is, I put in more melody and [make] songs of my music so it touches the clubs but also reaches a more mainstream audience.


Bonus: Here is a slideshow of Guetta last night in St. Louis.