DJ Heather: 5 questions with the Chicago house mainstay

Love 2011 flyer / Love 2000 flyer

Love 2011 flyer / Love 2000 flyer

Eleven years ago on Feb. 12, 2,000+ ravers packed a massive shipping warehouse in a Twin Cities suburb to dance to the likes of French headliner Bob Sinclar, Robert Armani, DJ Colette, Justin Long and more, but it was not to be.  Love 2000 was arguably the sweatiest and largest rave in Twin Cities history until cops intercepted the fun around 2 a.m. (early for such a gig).

Now, the Familywerks crew who threw that party are remembering the good ol' days with Love 2011 tonight at Karma, seeing the return of DJ Colette (who plays here often) and DJ Heather, the latter house producer/label owner speaking to City Pages about her native Chicago, WMC and the big blizzard.

A lot has changed with the dance scene since the original party, but at least we can be sure this one will be a blast and not a bust.


One thing we love about you is that you're always repping Chicago. What is your favorite thing about the city and what's one thing an outsider might be surprised to know about it?

One of my favorite things about Chicago is how the it comes back to life after a long winter. The energy and mood changes so dramatically because people really relish the warmer months. What may surprise non residents about the city is how personally people take visitors' perceptions of the town. Hometown pride is common thread.

Heather DJing at Smartbar in Chicago

Heather DJing at Smartbar in Chicago

You've played many gigs with your girl Colette. What has been your favorite or most memorable?

Colette and I have been friends for quite a while and touring with her has been a lot of fun. Hard to pick just one. Hopefully there are more good times to come.

With March approaching, do you have any thoughts on the current WMC/Ultra scheduling fiasco? Will you be attending?

The change in the WMC schedule feels like a return to an era when it was the only game in town. I will be attending again, taking a break from the cold and looking forward to running into people I only see once or twice a year.

How'd you deal with the big blizzard in Chi recently? If you had to lock yourself in a room with just 5 tracks right now, what would they be?

During the blizzard aka blizzaster I spent a lot time helping neighbors shovel snow! Looked like Hoth on the streets for quite a while. Actually still does. Five igloo warming tracks are; TBF-King of Swing(TBF), Wattie Green-Don't Stop(KE), Rulex-Go For it(Farris Wheel), Little Big Man-Galaxy(Mobile Trax), LuRob-Understanding Woman(Unsigned).

What's on the docket for DJ Heather in the next 6 months or so? Anything new with Om?

I 'll be rapping up the Second City Sessions tour with Colette very shortly. Afterwards just touring on my own and making music. Nothing new on the horizon with Om, just concentrating on material for my own label, Blackcherry Recordings.

Facebook invite: Love 2011 with DJ Heather and Colette