DJ ESP Woody McBride: I'm Psychic You Know

DJ ESP Woody McBride
I'm Psychic You Know

Those who experienced the Twin Cities' thriving rave scene of the '90s know Woody McBride as the man largely responsible for those halcyon days. Under promotional guises such as MORE and Mile High and the stage name DJ ESP, McBride threw and/or played at some insane underground parties the likes of which this city hadn't seen before and hasn't duplicated since. These days McBride's career flourishes more abroad than at home, but he's still at it, now partying with a mindset that's more organic co-op than old-school rave. His website includes celebrations of sobriety and a plea to "Go Vegan!" followed by the dubious claim that a "raw foods diet will let you live to 125 years!" And this: "Kill your television. Find your center. Reclaim your mind, body and soul, evolving to a state of natural living. Follow your instincts to organics, balance and your true self...." Yeah, and there's some techno news in there, too, which brings us to this release, a smoldering 80-minute mix of 15 all-original McBride tracks that recalls old dirty warehouse days in the Twin Cities.

I'm Psychic, You Know is full of the qualities that made McBride so beloved: diabolical drum beats beneath a steady hi-hat, eerie, random samples, funny track titles (e.g. "You're Looking Awfully Tan Today"), and funked-out bass lines far removed from the sterile ones that often plague percussion-centered techno. On "Let It Flow," McBride packs in a slowed-down Beastie sample from Licensed To Ill, while the tumultuous "Grinder" is backed by a Tony Toni Toné sample, of all things. For "Slurred Vision," McBride lays the hypnosis scene from corporate-slave comedy Office Space over a rainfall of acid beats. "Yeah! Right On Brother!" pushes the questionable-sample thing with a Fred Durst snippet from "Rollin'," but it's all in fun, something that seems to spring easily from this intuitive techno eccentric.

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