Dispatches from our ambassadors abroad (in Texas)


South by Southwest is over. Our ambassadors to the Great State of Texas have dropped down 35W into Austin and sprung back like some sort of cross-country yo-yo. The whole time, a message board tethered to the website of Minneapolis label Modern Radio was transmitting dispatches from the expedition.

Band members with user names disguising their identities from all but the message board regulars wrote from the road there and back and from the long days of the festival. Here is a smattering of the chatter:

On the road there:

SCAMP: after the lightrail broke down this morning and i missed my flight, i thought i would never make it. but somehow it all worked out. and it's t-shirt weather. yes.

GERM WAR: We're almost in Texas. Vampire Hands overslept and might miss both of their shows today. Still no sign of Whataburger.

From the festival:


SOAPY KITTENS: Hotel mania. Nappy times. It's so nice out! I don't care about bands anymore.

CHANCE: I clogged my friend Mike's toilet. Poopy water flowed all over the bathroom floor. I'm watching the SXSW channel on their TV.

On the road home:

GERM WAR: We're currently at the slowest gas pump in history, somewhat north of Wichita. We'll be home around 11am or noon. SROBOT: no one should be sad about not making this. It was amazing, and I loved abt everything I saw, but keep in mind everything is happening at the same time, things can be far apart, and you will be so drunk that it's hard to read the little book that tells you where everything is.

Read all of the SXSW dispatches here.

Modern Radio was also the sponsor of the insurgent showcase Minnesota Migration. The label put on a show for Twin Cities bands who were not accepted by the official SXSW planning committee and invited a few who were as well. Sounds like a good time. Here is Minnesota Public Radio's piece on the event.

Welcome home, wayward servants.