Disney to buy Marvel

Odd news, though it shouldn't be surprising with the Marvel name become such a hot commodity with their success in the film world of late-- looks like the happiest place on Earth is maneuvering to earn its eyeglass tape and pocket protector buy purchasing Marvel Entertainment, the comic and film company responsible for Spidey, Namor, and Marvel Man.

It can only mean one inevitable thing-- Mickey Mouse versus Silver Surfer.

In truth, we in the Gimme Noise office don't think Mickey stands a chance against Silver Surfer, the most powerful figure in the pantheon of comic characters. In fact, we're not really sure why Mickey is agreeing to such a fight. He really has no business being in the ring. We're not even sure if Mickey knows how to fight. We've seen his cartoons and played his video games. If Mickey even makes it out of a scrape, it's only out of luck and bumbling. And those Olive Oyl arms? Forget it.

Mickey's only prayer is that the Herald of Galactus is enough of a sportsman that he won't be able to bring himself to brutalize Mickey as is his wont. Even Mike Tyson stops punching when the guy goes limp.

That said, if it comes to blows between the anthropomorphic, ineptly good-natured mouse and the fearsome servant of Galactus, eater of worlds, we'll give 23:1 odds on Silver Surfer by K.O. two seconds into the first round. If you want some of that action, you know how to get ahold of us.

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