Discover Haze magic through photos and music


This week's cover story tells the story of one woman who took a record doomed for a Dumpster and went on a five-year quest to find the band. That band happens to be Haze, a 1970s funk/soul band from the Twin Cities.

Check out the full story here. You can also check out out a slideshow of them back then and now. We also have a slideshow of their greatest fashions. If you want to hear some of their tunes, check out the photo slideshows after the jump.

The band will be selling their first album and their unreleased album by March 1st here.

Note: Despite reuniting nearly every original band member, Haze hasn't been able to track down Mike Wick, the photographer responsible for most of the photos of Haze in the 1970s. Let us know if you know where he is so we can help the band track him down. Our extensive slideshows wouldn't be possible without his work.