Diplo's Mad Decent blogs Stu Wyles' mix


King tastemaker Diplo and his Mad Decent label are well known throughout the dance music world, and yesterday the Mad Decent blog shared a bit of their shine with one of our local bloggers and DJs, Stu Wyles. 

In their weekly SoundCloud roundup of hot tracks and DJ mixes they included a great 30-minute set of St. Paul origins. And after listening to it, we've got to agree that it's a good one.


You can see the tracklisting and download Stu's Shades Of Grey mix here.  Stu says he has given up on trying to categorize his EDM favorites of late but that his latest was influenced by  dubstep, UK Funky, RnB, garage, and "everything in between." "Genres and categories are coined just about every week -- it's far from a black and white situation," Stu writes on SoundCloud. "Most of these songs sit in the fuzzy grey area across many different types. I tried to include some new and old joints and keep it relatively brief. The hardest part was narrowing it down."The latter piece is definitely the story of any music collector -- it's sort of like having to use a tiny suitcase to pack for a long journey.  But after listening to this mix, it's clear Stu's selection skills are on point and aided him in the process. He chose digestible tracks from some pretty fringe genres, none of which make you want to jump out of your skin or run around the block five times.  That's the problem I'm having with so-called bangers lately. At a certain point you no longer want to get attacked by beats that allow absolutely no breathing room. Conversely, this is an at-home mix for grown-ups who love dance music. It's upbeat and cerebral in all the right places, all while remaining at the front of the genre wave. Check it out.