Dinkytowner: Open or closed?


Local rappers and fans were all a-Twitter this past weekend over a rumor that the Dinkytowner would be closing this week after Thursday night's 10K Breaks showcase, due in part to a cryptic show listing on their MySpace page. To get the story straight, we dialed up Dan Kane, booker for the Dinkytowner, who thankfully told us "That's not true at all."

"It's news to us," Kane laughed.

The 10K Breaks show on Thursday night, featuring St. Paul Slim, Trama, Wize Guyz, and many more will go ahead as planned, but will definitely not be the last local rap showcase that the Dinkytowner hosts.

UPDATE: This story has taken a strange turn. The person who we spoke to this morning was not, in fact, booker Dan Kane, despite the fact that they identified themselves as such.

Here's what we know for now: Kane recently decided to leave his post as the booking agent at the Dinkytowner after three years at the club. Kane has agreed to go on record with us for an interview tomorrow, and the owner of the Dinkytowner, Kyle McCarty, has also consented to an interview. We will post updates as we get them, so keep an eye on Gimme Noise for more on this developing story.