Dillinger Fourth of July, the Hold Steady, Dosh, and more must-see shows this weekend

It's the Fourth of July! We assume you made your run to the liquor store and bought illegal fireworks during the week, because who wants to do that once the weekend's in full swing? Now, tons of good shows isn't something unique to Fourth of July weekend in the Twin Cities, but there's so much can't-miss shows this weekend that you'd better plan on taking it easy on the cans of Hamm's at your cookout so you can spend the nights rocking out and slipping Black Cats into your friends' pockets when they aren't looking*. Here's a quick list of shows blowing up this weekend.

[*The behavior is highly dangerous. Please understand that Gimme Noise is not responsible for injuries incurred by rocking out.]


Nothing says celebrating your freedom than a free show! Get loose with Phantom Tails, Fort Wilson Riot, Prizzy Prizzy Please from Bloomington, IN, and Screaming Cyn Cyn & the Pons at the 501 Club. 21+, 9:00 PM, free as AMERICA.

Chelsea Boys, Claps, Go Go Domino, and Neil Z take over the Turf Club, 9:00 PM doors, 21+, $6.


Now that's you're nice and loose, get ready to get your mind blown. The Triple Rock is hosting an evening with our favorite electronic artist DOSH, with the Book Of Right On and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie opening up. 10:00 PM, 18+, $5.

Tender Meat, Mr Hide, and Dante & the Lobster top the bill for the Soothing Almonds Collective Send-Off Party at the Turf Club. Rounding out this six band bill is Tips 4 Twat, Joint Custody, and Larry Wish. 9:00 PM, 21+, $6.

Don't feel like being inside? A little band from New York called the Hold Steady are playing an outdoor show at the Cabooze in their outdoor plaza. I think a couple of the guys used to be in a band here...5:00 PM, 18+, $30. (Remember when you saw Lifter Puller at a basement kegger? Me neither.)


A weekend in honor of freedom would not be complete without local punks and liver abusers Dillinger Four and their legendary annual Dillinger Fourth Of July party, the kind of night that's always fun, even if you end up in the emergency room. With Banner Pilot, the Dopamines, the Slow Death, and Box Thieves. Remember, you don't have work on Monday. 8:00 doors, 18+, $10.

The Turf Club hosts swamp metal kings Black Tusk with Zoroaster and Dark Castle, 9:00 PM, 21+, $8.

The Hold Steady take it indoors to party hard at First Avenue, 9:00 PM, 18+, $25.

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