Digitata threatens final performance at the Uptown tonight

The satisfying combination of heavy electronic pulses and feather-light vocals have long made local band, Digitata, a stage favorite and sure bet when it comes to pleasing the musical senses. In May of 2007, the intensely electric trio released their sophmore effort, II Daggers, and filled Minneapolis with darkly exciting tracks, perferct for wizards and light-footed-dancing. After two years of silence, Digitata has finally released a brand new EP, Art Work Pays: nine tracks that promise to ignite a little magic in your nervous system. But with new material and a city of ecstatic fans, drummer Drew Christopherson taunts Gimme Noise with the news that tonight's show could possibly be their last....maybe?

In preparation for the Uptown show, Tuesday night found Christopherson away from his drum set and in the work shed, full of paint and inspiration, screen-printing by hand each and every copy of Digitata's new EP. How many exactly?

"Just a run of 500," he says casually.

A busy band of musical minds, each of Digitata's three members are currently active in another band: vocalist/keys Maggie Morrison is awe-inspiring frontwoman of Lookbook, Ryan Olson is a member of the hard-hitting Buliding Better Bombs and both Olson and Christopherson are a part of Mel Gibson and the Pants. Scheduling band practice couldn't be more impossible, not to mention tour dates, shows and personal lives. It's easy to see why Digitata took a break. Thankfully the break has come to an end with Art Work Pays. (Read the City Pages album review here.)

Stepping away from his work, Christopherson agreed to answer a couple questions about Digitata's current state and where they're going from here.

Gimme Noise: With all of the other projects you three have going on, why start up Digitata now?

Drew Christopherson: This spring we decided we should write a bunch of music and so we did. In April we started writing and in a month we had enough to record. It had been so long since we had recorded together, so we picked a weekend, shut ourselves in and within four days, finished with nine songs. It was a thrilling experience.

GN: What made the process so much faster this time around?

Christopherson: We usually labor over post production stuff, messing with the possibilties of our recorded sound. But this time we wanted to catch a more live quality in the recording. It's not that we cared less, but we were looking for a more spontaneous aspect. Four of the songs hadn't even been written until we went into the studio.

GN: Where did the inspiration for this new music come from?

Christopherson: I think it had a lot to do with the fact that we just hadn't played together in so long. It was like, "Let's get the band back together!", (he says in a slighty cheesy, older man voice and chuckles).

(Then out comes a comment that takes the reporter off guard...)

Christopherson: We didn't know what we were going to do when we started practicing again. It's been a great experience and everything, but I'm not sure if we're going to continue.

GN: Wait, what? Do you have any other shows planned?

Christopherson: No, we do not have anything else planned at the moment.

GN: I'm confused and sad. Let me get this straight: You guys just put out a new EP and got everyone all excited and now this could be the end? Why? Why? (I say this two more times in my head).

Christopherson: It's a touchy subject with a lot of personal issues at heart....and I probably shouldn't say for sure. Maggie has Lookbook, Ryan and I are planning another project for the rest of the summer and we're just focusing on the fall. I don't want to say this is the last show forever...becuase the truth is, I really don't know as of yet.

GN: (Will you at least call to say goodbye?)

Christopherson:: It's all step by step. We just want to make sure we know what we really want to do, so we can really focus and not find ourselves in the place we did two years ago (super pressed for time, confusing schedules, conflicting chaos).

GN: (Deep breath)

Christopherson: We really haven't discussed it completely. It's been a whirlwind of fun, writing and recording. It's been a return to form of so many years ago when all we wanted to do was play locally, write good songs and put out good records: before all the hang-ups and worrying whether or not we could tour and make money. Once we stopped worrying, it became fun again.

Whether it's the perfect marketing ploy or the unfortunate truth, catch the extended set toinght:

Digitata...all night!

@ The Uptown Bar & Cafe

3018 Hennepin Ave,