Did Twin Cities pop-rockers Hippo Campus crush it on 'Conan'? [VIDEO]

The Hippos rocking "Conan" on Tuesday

The Hippos rocking "Conan" on Tuesday TBS

To "crush it" is the ultimate goal of any band appearing on national TV, and Hippo Campus had such an opportunity Tuesday on Conan.

The rising Twin Cities pop-rockers performed the loungey, softly rocking, falsetto-drenched single "Way It Goes" off their anticipated debut album Landmark, which dropped last month. So, did they crush it? You be the judge! 

Host Conan O'Brien, a noted guitar guy, seemed impressed, stating "That was great. I love that song. Thanks for coming back, good job. Great job." Hippo Campus made their TV debut on Conan in 2013, prompting O'Brien to say "I like these guys!"

With regard to general "crushing it," the Hippos are excelling. The international profile of the hyper-polished Minnesota exports continues to grow, and your trusted pals at City Pages consider Landmark to be a monumental achievement. The folks over at the Minnesota Daily, and we don't pretend to know whether they're your pals, took a much harsher stance on the LP

Anyway, we're here to answer one simple question: Did Hippo Campus crush it on Conan

Did Hippo Campus crush it on 'Conan'?
You kidding me? The Hippos CRUSHED it.
The Hippos clearly fell short of crushing it.
I somehow read this far, but I'm just not sure!
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Hippo Campus will play back-to-back sold-out shows Saturday and Sunday at First Avenue.