Did this viral-thirsty Edina rapper just drop 'The Minnesota Anthem'?

Alex Frecon's 'I'm From Minnesota (The Minnesota Anthem)' is a 'song' we made ourselves listen to.

Alex Frecon's 'I'm From Minnesota (The Minnesota Anthem)' is a 'song' we made ourselves listen to.


But here are some of the things City Pages staffers thought while we made ourselves watch it:

"I prayed so fervently that it wouldn't turn into a music video. But it did."

"This is like if a NORTH cap could rap. Or couldn't rap."

"At least now we know that all the things that make Minnesota so great are either white people or white people shit."

"'I Got 99 Problems But Inheriting a Lake Cabin From My Parents Ain't One.'"

"Why does he wear so many different colors of short sleeve polo?"

"This is the music video equivalent of yelling 'We're having fun, right guys?' It instantly means no one is having fun."

"You'd think he could've found a way to get 'Minnesota' into the song name a third time."

"These rap lyrics brought to you by Wikipedia."

"It's like if someone thought 'We Didn't Start the Fire' was too edgy."

"This has turned me into an Asher Roth apologist."

"Guys, I'm worried about Justin Morneau."

"So Alex Jones gets kicked off YouTube but this guy gets a channel?"

"This is what a Minnesota winter is like: super white, not as fun as everyone acts like, and WAY TOO LONG."

"This was sponsored by the tourism board. Wisconsin's tourism board."

"Who fact-checked this? Traffic's 'a breeze'?"

"This is what would've happened if Riff Raff didn't get kicked off that basketball team. Only it was the golf team... and all he did at practice was adjust the tilt of his hat and watch Macklemore videos on his phone."

"Well, looks like Jeff Johnson found his campaign song."

"Oh God, I can't watch the whole thing."

"Ope! Just gonna scroll right past ya..."

"I feel embarassed."

"He's like if the 'I Like You' boutique sold rappers."

"Walter Mondale's like: 'Keep my name outta your mouth!'"

"It makes me want to walk into one of those thousands of lakes with heavy rocks in the pockets of my Zubaz."

"For the first time in 15 years, I'm not sure I want to live here."