Did 'crazed Jeff Goldblum fans' hack Jeremy Messersmith's website?


The Mez, left, and Jeff Goldblum in the '80s

Considering it's April Fools' Day — the day where one hopes to make an April fool of all comers — we're gonna go ahead and say Jeremy Messersmith's website was not hacked by "crazed Jeff Goldblum fans," as he tweeted out this morning.  
— Jeremy Messersmith (@jmessersmith) April 1, 2016 But the local music star's website is absolutely worth checking out today. Once there, you won't find tour dates and album info. Instead, you'll hear a lusty, spooky porno-rock ode to quirk-tastic actor Jeff Goldblum, accompanied by pixelated torches, an image of Goldblum in his underpants, and a header that simply reads "GOLDBLUUUUM."

Sample lyric: 

"Did you know that Jeff Goldblum is an accomplished jazz pianist? / Well now ya do / Now I don't mean to presume, but let's say we go up to my room / Oh, you'll find out soon / I've got a poster that's guaranteed to get you in the mood / It's Jeff Goldblum — in his Fruit of the Looms!" 

Is the song a Mez original? We checked, with inconclusive results: 
In unrelated news, let's all watch this today:

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