Did Bon Iver crush it on 'Fallon'? [VIDEO]

Bon Iver on "Fallon"

Bon Iver on "Fallon" NBC

Sure did!  

Justin "Pride of Eau Claire, Wisconsin" Vernon led his Grammy-winning band Bon Iver through a stirring performance of new song "8 (circle)" Wednesday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon, conjuring his trademark Saturday Night Live tick, broke his composed host character ahead of the performance, gushing, "This guy's always doing something amazing, we just love this guy. This whole record, I don't even know how you can describe it with all the different symbols and things on it ... well, you're about to see what he does." 

You can see what he did in the video posted below. Vernon scored live assists from the Staves, Gordi, Anaïs Mitchell, and Arone Dyer (Buke and Gase) on "8 (circle)," a soulful, slow-burning number off forthcoming album 22, A Million. The song swelled to a powerful climax last night on Fallon, with JV sounding immaculate while rocking a Timberwolves hat and bulky cans. 

"I don't know how you do that," Fallon said, planting a Bonny Bear hug on Vernon post-performance. "I got 1,000 questions." 

But Vernon won't be answering anyone's 1,000 questions during this album cycle. His lone press availability will remain the intimate press conference staged in his hometown earlier this month. City Pages was there, and you should check out our resulting feature on the bold new language of Bon Iver.

Tour-wise, Bon Iver will gig around California in October before hitting Europe in January and February. Hopefully you caught 'em last month at the Eaux Claires festival in western Wisconsin -- here's a recap

Thirsty for one more regional tie-in from last night's episode of Fallon? Guests Kevin James and Michael B. Jordan don't fit that bill, but this entry into the "NFL Superlatives" bit does: