Diamond Rio and fireworks at new Mystic Amphitheater on the Fourth


Mystic Lake Casino kicks off a summer of outdoor shows at its new 8,000+ seat amphitheater Sunday night with a performance by Jason Mraz, followed on July 4th with a free performance by Diamond Rio (with fireworks!).

So. Who's Diamond Rio?


Only my favorite band ever! (It's still 1992, right?)

Let's imagine it is 1992. Diamond Rio isn't my favorite band, but they form a quad of awesomeness with Brooks & Dunn right about here, Billy Dean (that's Billy not Jimmy, the Sausage King) on the left, Diamond Rio on the right, and Garth Brooks at due north. Was my taste questionable and largely based upon who had played at the fair that summer? No. Well, no to the former. Fine taste, exposure limited to the fair.

In 1991-92, this six-piece overcame three separate health crises (lead guitar - tumor; bass - serious boating injury; mandolin/fiddle - construction accident) to release two of the best danged cassette tapes of my pre-adolescence: a self-titled release called - wait for it - Diamond Rio, followed by their second album Close to the Edge.

Y'hear that? CASSETTES. We like those again, right?

In the years to follow, the band had a handful of hits the popular kids at my high school likely close-danced to - "Beautiful Mess," "Love a Little Stronger" - and has since dabbled in the Christian genre. But I'll always hold those first two cassettes so close to my heart. Head on over to Cheapo and see if you can dig one of 'em up. And in the meantime, take in the wonder of 90s country music videos, as performed by Diamond Rio. Ooh, the tight, high-rise jeans! The teased-up, floufy mullets! Shiny bolo ties! And my fondest memories of two decades past.

"Meet in the Middle"

"This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet"

"In a Week or Two"

"Mirror Mirror"

Diamond Rio, with Rocket Club Free Monday July 4, 6:30 Tickets available starting at 2 at the Mystic Box Office (up to four per person), or at the Amphitheater entrance beginning at 5.