Diablo Cody to adapt "Sweet Valley High" books into film


Honest to blog, this news is making our preteen hearts flutter! Former City Pages writer-turned-Hollywood success story Diablo Cody has taken on a new screenwriting project adapting Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High books into a movie. For those of you who didn't blossom into your womanhood in the late '80s and '90s, Sweet Valley High chronicled the lives of two identical twins, Elizabeth and Jessica, who had sharply different personalities--because that way every young woman could relate to at least one of them, see?--as they ventured through junior high, high school, and college.

Something tells us these movies will be nostalgic and that the plot will stay faithful to the series, as Cody was an apparent fan and avid reader of the books herself--for the past day, her Twitter account has been steeped in character references and inside jokes. "You have no idea how many bitches I took down to do this project," she quipped last night. "I went 'full Jessica.' Believe it."