Devo's Bob Casale remembered with Energy Dome urns

Bob Casale is second from the left at the top

Bob Casale is second from the left at the top

Earlier this year, the world lost a truly brilliant, beloved, and subversive musician -- Devo's Robert Casale, or Bob 2. Known for his work as Devo's guitarist, keyboard player, and audio engineer, Casale passed away unexpectedly of heart failure on February 17 of this year. Leaving behind no will or insurance, the recent 11-date "Hardcore Devo" tour (which was intended to include Bob 2 performing the band's early work with the remaining founding members of the group) was turned into a fundraiser to support his family and final expenses.

As the collective of Spudboys continue to mourn the loss of such an important figure in the fading realm of genuinely radical rock 'n' roll, fans can take solace in the fact that his ashes have been preserved in a particularly fitting and beautiful fashion.

Foreverence, a Minneapolis-based company that specializes in custom-made 3D printed urns, reached out to the band upon hearing of Bob's passing and offered a touching gesture -- to create a specially crafted piece in the shape of the iconic Energy Dome hat that the Akron, Ohio, prophets are known for wearing in the video for "Whip It." Foreverence ended up making two urns, one for Bob's family in Ohio and one for his family in California. The two urns read as follows:

(line by line on each tier):

"Robert Casale hit recording artist devoted husband and loving father grille master"


"Bob Casale Loving father, husband, and son Forever in our hearts July 14 1952 - February 17 2014"

"This is the first time I've seen a smile on (the family's) face since Bob passed," remarked Devo's manager, Michael Pilmer.

According to Bob 2's brother and Devo's bassist, Gerald Casale, the four-tiered headpiece which is also seen on the cover of Devo's 1980 record, Freedom of Choice, acts as a collector of energy which escapes from the crown of the head. Essentially, there could be no finer receptacle to house such a musical revolutionary.

Now smile for a minute and use some of your de-evolving brain to watch this 1980 video of Devo performing "Girl U Want" and "Gates of Steel."

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