Devo feeds your need for cats... and DEVO

Since signing a 360 deal with Warner Bros. last September, Devo has been sort of everywhere; playing shows, giving interviews, planning trips to animation spaceland in defense of mutants, and changing the color of their uniform's centerpiece, the energy dome (Mark Mothersbaugh told Billboard: "We'd been getting some reports back that red might not be the safest color for an energy dome"). All in preparation, of course, for the release of their first new record in twenty years.  Something For Everybody  is a deep lambaste of us robochildrens' need for comity and consensus in a world of memeology ("Don't Taze Me Bro!"), and everything they've done to promote it has been firmly in service of that central critique. Maybe.

So in the spirit of everything crowdsourced and bloggable and viral, Devo are streaming a video of twenty cats listening to their new record for nine hours straight. Because fer cute. The stream starts at 1 p.m. CST, or you can stream the record at any time on their website. But...fer cute.

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