Dessa tops the local top 10 sellers at the Fetus two weeks running

Dessa has certainly been making some waves lately. The local hip hop artist of Doomtree fame just embarked on a extensive 39 date tour to support her new album, A Badly Broken Code. The album in question also just topped the Electric Fetus's Local Top 10 List for the second consecutive week.

Here's the list of top local records sold through the Fetus the week of February 2:

1. Dessa "Badly Broken Code"
2. Romantica "Control Alt Control Delete"
3. Lookbook "Wild At Heart"
4. Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps "Live At The Cedar"
5. Solid Gold "Bodies Of Water"
6. Lookbook "I Fear You, My Darkness"
7. The Idle Hands "Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show"
8. Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles "Special Party Time"
9. Red Pens "Reasons"
10. Trailer Trash "Smash Hits"

Robert Christgau had this to say about A Badly Broken Code on NPR: "In a time when most lyricists, especially outside hip-hop, purvey impenetrable poetry, Dessa is generally very clear, which isn't to say she avoids metaphor or feels obliged to nail down every detail. She recalls an old-fashioned high-quality singer-songwriter like Joni Mitchell or Rosanne Cash."

Also, in case you missed it, Gimme Noise will be posting Dessa's tour blog over the next two months. You can read about the first leg of her cross country journey here. The "Every Never is Now Tour" boasts supporting acts P.O.S., Grieves, and Astronautalis, and will head to the West Coast later in the week.

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