Dessa tops the list of local best sellers at the Electric Fetus

It should come as no surprise to anyone clued into the local music scene this month that the most-purchased local album at the Electric Fetus last week was Dessa's solo debut, A Badly Broken Code. We ran an interview with the hip-hop emcee, singer, and poet last week (along with just about every other news outlet and music blog in town), and it looks like the widespread coverage of her CD release must have resonated with the purchasing public. Let's hope this translates to a successful national tour as well, as Dessa and her Doomtree crewmate P.O.S. are about to embark on a joint tour behind their solo projects.

Here's a list of the 10 top local sellers from the Fetus's One Stop, which supplies local discs to independent record stores throughout the regional area:

Electric Fetus Local Top Ten for 2.19.10

1.  Dessa  "Badly Broken Code"
2.  Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps  "Live At The Cedar"
3.  Lookbook  "Wild At Heart"
4.  Romantica  "Control Alt Control Delete"
5.  Solid Gold  "Bodies Of Water"
6.  Red Pens  "Reasons"
7.  Lifter Puller (book)  "VS.  The End Of"
8.  Jeremy Messersmith  "Silver City"
9.  Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles  "Special Party Time"
10. Dan Wilson  "Live At The Pantages"

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