Dessa to perform and present at Nobel Peace Prize Forum

The 24th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum is set to take place in Minneapolis on March 1-3, bringing together an impressive group of leaders in the worlds of politics, education, and music. One of the many highlights of the momentous three-day event will be a discussion and short performance by Doomtree's Dessa in the Kennedy Center at Augsburg College on Friday, March 2.

Dessa will give a TED-style presentation titled, "Mic Lines: Art, Ethics, and their Contested Connections," where she will address the rather contentious issue of ethics in hip-hop, and whether or not artists have any special moral responsibilities that come with being in the public eye. Commentary on that topic, and suggestions for her talk are found here. She will follow her discussion with a brief Q&A with the audience, facilitated by MPR's Chris Roberts, as well as a mini-set of songs to close out her special event. General admission tickets for Dessa's presentation can be found here.

Dessa to perform and present at Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Dessa will draw on her many years of music experience as well as her incisive female perspective to address the challenges that exist within the predominantly male-dominated hip-hop world, and she will offer her take on how that culture needs to adjust to allow for a more unifying, welcoming community for everyone. With the recent proliferation of controversial artists like Odd Future, whose lyrics portray women in a decidedly negative way, it will be interesting to hear Dessa's take, as an informed insider, on the objectionable portrayal of women in rap lyrics and videos.

Dessa has certainly kept busy as of late. In addition to the expansive U.S. tour that she and her Doomtree crew are currently bringing to a close, she also stopped by Chicago's NPR studios to perform a five tracks from Castor, The Twin for Sound Opinions. If these stellar, stirring performances are indicative of what Dessa has planned for her mini-set at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, everyone is in for quite a treat.

Dessa performs "The Chacone" on Sound Opinions from WBEZ on Vimeo.

For a full list of the many enlightening events scheduled to take place throughout the three-day Nobel Peace Prize Forum, including a a noteworthy 50th Anniversary Remembrance Concert for Benjamin Britten's stirring War Requiem at the Ted Mann Concert Hall at the University of Minnesota on Thursday, March 1, check out the program of events here.

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